Shall we dance?

For as long as I remember, dancing has always been present in my life. Going to lessons after schools when I was a child, playing with my friends to be a dance teacher, dreaming to be a professional dancer in tv shows, and then when I grew up, dancing in some professionals groups, videoclips, events and clubs. Finished my degrees, I started to work in companies and the lack of time and change of priorities made me gave it up for a while. It had been so many years without dancing till one day few months ago I decided to try a salsa lesson for the very first time. Dance with a partner was very different from bust my own moves, feeling the other person and following his leads. At the begging it was very challenging but at the same time, it was very rewarding, dancing again remembered me how much happy it makes me and even teach me some lessons in life. Now, I am totally hooked, I consider myself salsa-bachata addict, they just make me smile, feel happy and realize my feelings.


Leaving in a society where some times we forget we are surrounded by people, individualism is taking first positions but contrary a lot of people is screaming loneliness in silence, this kind of dance is a gift and it is surprising the philosophy that we can find behind:

Man leads and creates space for the woman to make beautiful movements with her body in the dance. As a beautiful ballerina puppet moved by wires or as a flowing water inside the bank of the river. The lead is to make her feel confident, he hold the space so she can fully open up. But always leading while being sensitive to her reactions, desires and boundaries, never forcing and always looking at her eyes creating a special feeling and connecting with your partner. Always standing tall, proud and confident, showing off your sensuality, elegance and stylish. It is a fount of inspiration and creativity, movements are made up by the music feeling and the flow an connection with the rhythms.

Better dances are when you are out of head and submerged to the beat and your connections. As in life, as much as we can plan, being in the moment is where the magic happens. It doesn't matter how many people is on the dance floor, the more amazing thing is create a bubble where it's just your partner and you. For that one spicy song, the rest of the world drops away and we are just us. Some salsa floor can get really crazy, however if the men knows to lead you properly you feel safe and secure and as in life, every woman likes feel someone is taking care of us, feeling protected, valorized and consequently making us feel confident and fully open up to show the best of us.

I also think is a way of meditation and be aware of the moment and your body when you get be out of your heat without mumbling "1-2-3;5-6-7", when you are just your partner, you, your body and the music. Then the whole new world open up of your feeling and noticing the energetic and physical presence of your body and how it moves. This awareness allows you to be out of your head and present with what's in front of you. Relaxed, no tension, just flowing with your partner and the music.

Last night after dancing for a while I just sat down in order to observe what was around of me. In that place all were happy faces, people enjoying music, movements and feelings with their partners and especially having fun. What a different atmosphere from London night clubs, where major worries of people is show off how hot they are and how much money they have, searching for Mr/Miss Right and becoming drunk in order to escape themselves from that unreal, superficial world. I feel proud of having find that new world, I bet you to try. Shall we dance?
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