A matter of habits

Let me tell you some habits that make my life better, they help me to feel good and bring me near to happiness. I dare you to try them, depending on your lifestyle they can seem difficult to achieve but once you start to feel the benefits and your body gets used to them, they will be part of your every daylife and you won’t live without them again 😉

Eat healthy, clean and full of nutrients:
As I told you in my previous post I strongly believe we are what we eat. In my case, food affects in my emotions, in how I feel, and for this reason it has been many years that my diet is healthy. The pleasure that I feel after eating healthy food is much stronger than the quick pleasure of eating junk food. It is not about eating less, not at all, it is about the kind of food that you choose for fueling your body. I became vegan just some months ago, it just happened by chance, just after a conversation with a dietitian and after reading a book that she recommended me ” La enzima prodigiosa”. I would never have guessed that I was going to stop eating meat cos chicken was one of my favorite dishes and I used to eat it on a daily basis. Surprisingly from one day to another I utterly rubbed out 3 foods from my diet: meat, sugar and dairy, and I added some foods that I hadn’t used to eat before as oats, quinoa, hemp, almonds, avocado, chia seeds, spirulina, coconaut oil, lentils, hummus, green smoothies, vegetable milk (rice, almonds, oats, coconut). Since then, I feel much better.

These kind of food brings all the nutrients and enzymes that my body needs for being healthy, avoid diseases, bring energy and beauty to my diet. I started to follow “Kimberly Syder” and ” Nuria Roca”, experts
in this kind of diet, who provide me a lot of information about the benefits of some foods and ideas and recipes. Next post I will tell you some of my favourite ones.


Dirty training:
Diet is important but if you want to feel an active, flexible, strong body, you must combine with exercise and whats more important, the way you do it. I have been all my life doing exercise but I really found a different in my results when I started to change the way of training, working out with maximum intensity. As in life, intensity is what makes the different and bring you to success. Crossfit excercices using ketbells, TXR, more weights, pushups, shorter repts, always trying to push yourself. Just 30 min of this military training is enough to feel amazing results, you will finish the work out as you are coming from “the war” but your body quickly start to become strong and toned. Since I am in London, I had changed my concept of training , working out with this new mentality every day and combining it with yoga on the weekends, I am feeling stronger than ever.


Understanding your mind: your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It is very important to understand how it works, paying attention to your thoughts, your behavior and listening deeply to your soul. It is not easy, but it is essential, knowing yourself and training a strong mind is the key to achieve your goals. The two previous points don’ t have any sense without this one. Diet it is not all about the food it is also about the feelings cos it is very common nowadays eat emotionally, we are hungry of feelings and then you try fill the gap with food. It is so important to understand that and recognize witch type of hungry we are having and then try to deal with it. Have you ever felt that you are sabotaging the things that you like more in your life? Acting in a way that even you can’t understand it. That’s all about your mind, and fighting against negative thoughts such as laziness, selfishness, ego and weakness is the hardest part. It can take a whole life, the important thing is always learning and going forward. When it happens to me, I try to observe them, understand why they appear, what they want and it really helps me write about them.


Give the best of yourself: whatever you do, do it with passion, with love trying to do your best, and if not, it is better don’t do it. Always trying to be the best version of yourself, being aware of your limits but filling them with fullness. Do not think making a wall, just think of putting the brick in the most perfect way every single day. Fill your life of dreams, passions and goals but focus on every single day, achieving goals in a short time. Again, write all these things down will help you to remind, to focus and improve. Make it a habit, it really helps. Your life never will be happy if you don’t do the thinks that you like. But before to decide which ones are your dreams, passions and goals you need to know and understand yourself properly, knowing what makes you feel, what you are good at, what are your boundaries, if not it will very dangerous cos you may be trying to achieve the dreams of another.


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