Best moments of the day

Have you ever think about what are your favorites moments of the day? what make you smile? What make you happy? Maybe we should be more aware, embrace and take the most of them. That’s the aim of this post, explain to you mine, maybe they are similar to yours 😉


Waking up early: yes! I know it sounds weird but it is totally true, I love getting up at least 2 hours before my daily commitments and do whatever inspire me. I take my ipad and my notebook and in the cafe next to my place, enjoying a strong espresso and a healthy breakfast, I write, read, think, googleing about whatever inspires me or I feel like. This is one of my favorite moments of the day, I don’t even need to set up the alarm cos my body is used to get up at 6am, it has become an habit. In my case, mornings are the most inspirational moment of the day, I feel recovered, with energy, focused and creative.

Commuting by bike: enjoy my ride to work, especially when it is sunny but with fresh morning breeze (unfortunately, just some lucky days in the rainy city of London). Surrounded by the massive number of cyclists that live in this city, I can’t feel alone, everybody riding together as a group. I watch out for the road but at the same time, enjoying the city, observing Londoner outfits of people walking in a rush, holding a coffee and heading to work.

Sharing smiles: crossing paths with someone that gives me a smile or vice versa, it gives me energy, positive thinking and reminds me there is no reason for not smiling. I strongly believe in the power and energy of a smile, how much it can tell, a simple gesture that makes the difference.


Discover new people, places, things:
open my eyes to see all things life puts in my way, always learning, discovering, surprising myself. Specially when these things just pop up in my life when I least expect them and without searching, just by chance.

Feel useful:
when I do a proper job at work, when my task makes a difference, it makes me feel good, proud of myself. But it is still more regarding when you are useful to someone, when you make someone’s life easier, better with just a small gesture that helps them.

Feel strong:
I love the moment after my daily training, knowing that I had worked out hard, pushing myself, going forwards. Pain in my body but at the same time feeling stronger, proud, confident, not just about your body but about the way to face life.

Enjoy food:
I love eating, but eating healthily, food that is going to make me feel better after, natural, full of nutrients, easy to digest that makes me feel light but full of energy (as I told in previous posts). Also, I like eating when I am starving and it is time, not crabbing food all day. I love breakfast, lunch and dinner, in a relaxed and quiet place, not eating on the go.

Feel love:
it is the last, but for sure the most important. Not only love for a man, what is amazing but unfortunately you can’t fall in love just when you want, you need to be patient, be prepared and it will just come. But love about what you do, who you are, people in your life and all small things that life grants you every single day.


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