Top 10 FAV places in London

What really likes me of my adoptive city is that always there are thinks to do, It is such a busy city that it is difficult to find yourself without something to do, always there are something new to discover, London will ever surprise you. This city knows how to drive me for its streets and secrets corners as it likes, It seems to know me better than I thought.

Below, some of my favorite places in London that you can’t miss if you come. It doesn’t matter how many times I have been there, they offer me new thinks every single time. I go weekend, which are a fresh air after my chaotic weeks focus on working, training and studying.

1- Shoreditch, Brick Lane and Huston, my favorite and one of London’s most creative and vibrant areas, urban, cool and trendy with a touch that makes it different, in this place creativity just flows. It is home to hundreds of design studios, tech companies, galleries, independent shops, bars and restaurants, you will find amazing works of art in their painted street. Sundays is a good day to go, you will find a lot of markets such as Spitafiels market, flower market, street food market. I love Bar cargo, Hoxton hotel and Book club.





2- Covert Garden: situated in the vibrant heart of London, this exciting district is full of restaurants, bars, pubs, theaters, street entertainment and shopping to discover. Their little streets are really cosy and seems as you are walking on a little town instead of a city except for the massive amount of people. I love La bodega negra ( Mexican restaurant with a very cool atmosfer) and Dishroom ( Indian restaurant with amazing coktels)


3- Soho: knowed as the gay district and famous for the red light streets, soho is spirited and crazy district with a huge range of restuarnts, bars, pubs and entertainment to offer. I love the Juice Tonic ( amazing natural and healthy juices), the box ( my favorite club with an amazing and provocative performance) and Hux ( cool and fancy restaurant in the heart of soho)


4- Hyde Park: the lung of the city, perfect place to turn away of the noise, traffic and stress of the city. A walk or a ride surrounded by trees, feeling the nature and losing yourself in this huge park is a pleasure for free that you can’t miss.


5- Porto Bello: in the heart of the Londoner famous district of Nothing Hill, this road is full of bars, restaurants and pubs where to enjoy and it is famous for his antique market on Sundays. I love Beach Blanket Babylon ( amazing romantic restaurant with a breathtaking decoration, it seams as you are in a castel)



6- Candem Town: There’s a mind-bending mix of eclectic, intriguing and unique experiences. Open-air and indoor markets, each with its own distinctive flavour, line a street of shops, vintage clothing, alternative fashion, bars and restaurants.
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7- Chelsea: Chelsea is famous for the King’s Road for the bohemian, stylish and healthy style. You will find the England blonde posh girls having brunch and the sporty guys driving a Ferrari as in a movie. I love triyoga, Bluebird, and Jacks.


8- Angel: this is the area where the company which I am working for is located. Great area full of trendy and cosy bars, coffee shops and shops. I love the organic market and the gluten free bakery.


9- Bankside, South Bank and London Waterloo: There’s a wealth of heritage and innovation dotted along the south side of the Thames. Great for having a walk and having food with amazing views to the river, Golden Eye and Big Bang.


10- British Museum: I have the luck of living just in front of this magic places that makes me feel as a princess when I get up and see this monument in front of me. I like read a book in the garden or in the astonish cupula inside.

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